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 Sunday, November 3, 2024, 10am - 12:30pm 

 $95, deposit $38

Paper Crown 

Handcraft everlasting fabric specimens of your favorite fall and winter foliage to  decorate your home, adorn a wrapped gift or ornament your holiday table. Join artist  Robert Mahar in learning clever construction techniques to craft wired, posable sprigs  and branches from a beautiful buffet of linen/cotton textiles, along with felted wool for  berries and nuts. Instruction will equip you to fully customize the color, scale and  function of your project. Select a fantasy palette or hues truer to nature for a bundle of  doorway mistletoe, a small wreath of holly to encircle a candle or clusters of leaves to  tie around napkins. To guide your creative decisions, we’ll explore a brief history of  botanical recreations and view a slide show of samples for inspiration.  

This workshop focuses on the creation of mistletoe, holly, maple and oak leaves - with  templates provided for each of these - however the process can be applied to most any  type of foliage. This class is well suited for beginners and no previous experience is  necessary. All materials (a limited selection of high quality linen/cotton blend fabric, twill  tape, jute twine, floral wire, adhesive, glue brush, wool felt balls, needle and thread!)  along with templates are provided and included in the cost of the class. However, if you  have favorite light to mid weight fabrics, and ribbon or twill tape that you’d like to utilize -  you are encouraged to bring these items to the workshop. Please plan on bringing a  pair of paper scissors and a pair of sharp fabric scissors with you.

Linen Botanicals Workshop 11/3

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