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Saturday, November 2, 2024, 2 - 4:30pm 

 $95, deposit $38

25N Coworking Waco, 510 Austin Ave.  

Closed for single class enrollment at this time. 

Rediscover a vintage party craft that makes a perfect stocking stuffer, holiday table  place card and brilliant way to present a tiny gift! Join artist Robert Mahar and learn  how to make festive surprise balls - consisting of small treats and trinkets, jokes and  candies artfully concealed in hundreds of feet of crepe paper streamers and then  decorated as elaborately or as simply as you like. Lucky recipients are showered with  fun as they unroll their surprise balls, revealing the goodies you’ve selected, and  creating a happy mess! It’s a gift and an activity all rolled into one. 

Instruction will cover the history of these novelties, share a slide show of examples for  inspiration and then delve into techniques, tips and tricks to successfully create your  own. There are numerous ways to stylize the exteriors, from silly to sublime, but we’ll  focus on the creation of reindeer, elves and Santa - with templates provided for each of  these. This project is highly customizable and once you learn the basic construction  methods, you’ll find yourself recreating the fun at home – for every holiday and festive  occasion! Get inspired - check out Robert's Pinterest board of surprise balls to see how  others have styled and decorated their own versions: robert_mahar/surprise-balls/ This class is well suited for beginners and no previous  experience is necessary. 

All materials are provided and included in the cost of the class - and these kits are so  good! Each one includes: a rainbow assortments of crepe paper streamers, premium  crepe paper for exterior decoration, stock paper for design details, structural supports,  confetti, a thoughtfully curated selection of 20 festive small treats and sweets, a sheet of  jokes, tacky glue, templates and all necessary tools to use on-site. Robert will provide a  sweet selection of vintage inspired items to include in your surprise balls (enough for  everyone to complete at least two!) but if you have favorite small scale items (think tiny  charms, novelty jewelry, stickers, notes on paper, little hard candies, etc.) you’re  encouraged to bring them to the workshop.


For the time being, we have CLOSED  this workshop to those wanting to only take this class. If space allows we will open at a later date. 

Holiday Surprise Ball Workshop 11/2

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