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Saturday, November 2, 2024 10 am-12:30 pm 

 25N Coworking Waco, 510 Austin Ave. 

$95, $38 Deposit

Create your own souvenir of the season, and hand stitch a (waterless!) version of the  classic snow globe. Join artist Robert Mahar in learning the perfect embroidery stitches  to create your own wintery wonderland and how to apply them to a vintage evergreen  tree illustration custom printed onto linen cotton canvas. Interested in adding a little  sparkle? Instruction will also cover the application of seed beads, sequins and pearls.  The beauty of this project lies in a clever technique to conceal the back of your stitching  and display your hoop in a handcrafted wood base - completing the snow globe illusion  and allowing you to display your work on any flat surface. 

This workshop presents a unique approach to needlework utilizing non-traditional, free form samplers that allows you to utilize your favorite embroidery stitches and determine  their placement. Is it a flurry of French knots? Old school sequin ornaments? Beaded  string lights? Or hand stitched candles on each bough? It’s a choose-your-own adventure approach to customizing your snow globe. This class is well suited for  adventurous beginners, however, students with more embroidery experience are  encouraged to join for a fun refresher course and the opportunity to apply their skills to 

this unique wintery project. 

All materials (TWO custom samplers, practice fabric, a limited palette of embroidery  floss, a glass vial of assorted embellishments, wood hoop, a poinsettia red custom  wood hoop stand, backing materials and needle!) along with instructional diagrams are  provided and included in the cost of the class. However, if you have favorite embroidery  tools, embellishments or prefer specific colors of embroidery floss (6-strand or perle)  you are encouraged to bring these items to the workshop. 

Embroidered and Embellished Snow Globe 11/2

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